Charlie Munger’s Thumb-sucking

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“That’s just thumb-sucking” said Charlie Munger. “People do that all the time”.

Thumb-sucking is doing nothing when you should be acting. It’s stalling, dogging, procrastinating and wasting time. Action is in front of you and you avoid it. We all do it.

Thumb-sucking is bad because it prevents you from reaching your goals. It wastes your time, your money and your life.

Billionaire partners Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger blame thumb-sucking for investment losses and management ineffectiveness.

For Berkshire’s shareholders, myself included, the cost of this thumb-sucking has been huge. — Warren Buffet

1989 Shareholder Letter

How to avoid thumb-sucking in 2017?

Just do it. Take action and achieve your goals.

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams”

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